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Mr. Pan Chaojin (Chairman)
Mr. Li Haitao
Dr. Wang Guowen

Main Duties

The function of the Remuneration and Appraisal Committee is to establish a formal and transparent procedure and policy for setting a remuneration mechanism of directors and senior management. The Remuneration and Appraisal Committee has been established with specified written terms of reference which clearly stated the Committee's authority and duties, among which including:

1. to determine the level, policy and structure of remuneration of directors and senior management, and to establish a formal and transparent procedure for developing policy on such remuneration;

2. to review and approve performance-based remuneration by reference to corporate goals and objectives resolved by the board from time to time;

3. to review and make recommendations in respect of the remuneration level of directors and senior management, and to ensure that no director or management or any of their associates is involved in deciding his/her own remuneration; and

4. to determine the specific remuneration packages of all executive directors and senior management, including benefits in kind, pension fund and compensation payments (including any compensation payable for loss or termination of their office or appointment).