Nanjing Xiba Port

The Nanjing Xiba Port project is located in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park. It is one of the major deep water ports under the Nanjing Municipal Development Plan and is the only public solid dry bulk terminal for over 10,000-tonne vessels situated north of Yangtze River. The port provides various services such as unloading and loading, lightering, train loading and automobile loading. Xiba Port commands excellent inland transportation conditions. Through its linkage with Yanjiang Highway and Ningliu Highway, it creates a convenient road network with roads including Nanjing Raoyue Highway, Raocheng Expressway, Ninglian Expressway, Ningtong Expressway and Ninghe Expressway. Also, through the special railway line for the Chemical Industry Park Railway which terminates at the port, it connects with Ningqi and Beijing-Shanghai Railways, thereby commanding unrivalled regional advantages and achieving good conditions for river-sea, railway-waterway and highway-waterway integrated transportations.

In 2020, the operation of the port business faced immense pressure as a lot of upstream and downstream industries delayed resuming work and many electricity companies reduced their capacity due to the Pandemic and macroeconomic downturn. A total of 448 seagoing vessels berthed at Nanjing Xiba Port with a total throughput of 35.96 million tonnes, representing a year-on-year decrease of 17%, in 2020. Despite the various challenges, Nanjing Xiba Port continued to optimize its client portfolio to make the most of its clientele and improve its connections in the industry. It also made an effort in maintaining normal operations to minimize the impact of the Pandemic on its clients by taking effective measures against the Pandemic. Furthermore, the port actively expanded, revamped and upgraded the first phase, comprehensively enhanced its operating and management capabilities and optimized its business structure by introducing transport of bulk commodities in containers by rail. As a result, the port business maintained its leadership position amongst its peers along the river in terms of business volume. The port actively develop value-added businesses such as coal distribution, supply chain management and supply chain financial services taking advantage of the port resources. During the Year, the port secured a management contract in respect of Jiangsu Nanre Thermal Power Station.

To facilitate the implementation of a key municipal construction plan of Nanjing City, namely Xianxin Road Cross-river Channel Development Plan(仙新路過江通道), the Group completed stage two of the property transfer and successfully concluded a leaseback agreement for the second phase of Nanjing Xiba Port in 2020.

The Group also made further effort in the search for quality port assets. The expansion effort achieved breakthroughs in 2020. In particular, the construction of the Fengcheng Shangzhuang Project, the project company of which is owned by the Group as to 20%, commenced at the end of December 2020. The Jingjiang Project also progressed in an orderly manner. In December 2020, the Group entered into an investment and cooperation agreement with the municipal government of Jingjiang. The approval procedures are currently underway and it is expected that construction will commence in 2022. The Jingjiang Project will effectively take up the functions performed by and client base of the second phase, while creating synergies with the first phase, of the Nanjing Xiba Port. The project will play an important role in widening, among other things, the types and sources of goods processed by the port segment. Furthermore, in early 2021, the Group entered into a cooperation agreement with, among other parties, the government of Shenqiu County and Henan Angang Zhoukou Steel Co., Ltd.(河南安鋼周口鋼鐵有限責任公司)in relation to the port project at Shenqiu Port Logistics Park.

updated 15 July 2021