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Executive Directors

Mr. Li Haitao (Chairman)
Mr. Liu Zhengyu (Chief Executive Officer)
Mr. Wang Peihang
Mr. Dai Jingming

Independent Non-Executive Directors

Mr. Pan Chaojin
Dr. Zeng Zhi
Dr. Wang Guowen
Professor Ding Chunyan

Main Duties

The board of directors is responsible for formulating the overall strategy, monitoring and controlling the performance of the Group.

Significant matters of the Group are required to be approved by the board, including, but not limit to, the following:

1. appointment of directors;

2. approval of financial statements;

3. approval of notifiable transactions of the Group as required under the listing rules;

4. formation of policies and codes as required by regulators;

5. formation of specialized committees under the board; and

6. appointment of auditors; etc.