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Dr. Zeng Zhi (Chairman)
Mr. Pan Chaojin
Dr. Wang Guowen

Main Duties

Under the terms of reference of the Audit Committee, the Committee performs the key link between the board and the auditors of the Company in respect of the audit works of the Group. The main functions of the Audit Committee are as follows:

1. to discuss and make recommendation to the board on the appointment, replacement and removal of the auditors of the Company, and to approve the remuneration and terms of engagement of the auditors, and any matters of resignation or dismissal of the auditors;

2. to monitor the integrity of financial statements, interim report and annual report of the Company, and to review significant opinions in respect of the financial reporting contained in them;

3. to review the Group's financial controls, internal control and risk management systems, and to review the Group's statement on internal control systems contained in the annual report; and

4. to discuss with the management on the internal control system and to ensure the management has discharged its duty to established an effective internal control system.